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Enhance Learning,

Memory, Attention

Self-regulation  and


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Are you tired of seeing your child struggle? Then it is time to develop their COGNITIVE and EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS. 

ADHD, Poor Cognitive & Executive Function Skills pose pose significant
challenges for children, impacting, their attention span, reading, memory,
learning, problem solving, impulse control, emotion regulation and behaviour. 

How does our program teach these skills?

At Biolink our Neurocognitive Brain Training Program, start at the core – your (1) COGNITIVE SKILLS. These skills form the basis for developing (2) EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING abilities. Through consistent practice and targeted exercises led by our executive function coaches, our students not only enhance their task performance but also learn to (3) apply the REQUIRED SKILLS in real-life situations. Furthermore, our program delves deeper by teaching children the art of active listening, which in turn boosts their reading comprehension skills. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic development of cognitive abilities, empowering children to navigate various challenges with confidence. ( See illustration below)


Required Skills


Executive Function Skills


Cognitive Skills 

Exercises in our fully customised Skills Development program focus on the following key areas. 

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are the basic abilities your child's brain uses for thinking, reading, learning, remembering, reasoning, and staying focused. They're like the tools in your child's mental toolbox, helping them learn, understand, and remember things. Think about how they pay attention, remember information, use language, and process things quickly. These skills are what make learning possible
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Executive Function Skills

The CONTROL System of the Brain, also known as Executive Function Skills, is a set of cognitive processes that act as the brain's management system. It helps children handle their daily tasks by planning, organising, and making decisions. Think of it as a roadmap that guides them through their activities. However, this system heavily relies on strong cognitive skills as its foundation. Without these skills, it's like trying to plant a tree on top of loose soil—it won't grow properly without solid ground.
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Active Listening Skills

Developing active listening skills is crucial for children's success in school and life.  Active listening helps children understand instructions, grasp concepts effectively, and participate meaningfully in discussions. These skills form a solid foundation for improving reading comprehension because they enable children to process and understand spoken information, which is a key aspect of comprehending written texts. Therefore, mastering active listening skills is beneficial for enhancing reading abilities and overall academic performance.
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Transfer Skills

Our program teaches children how to apply cognitive and executive function skills learned in our program to real-life situations. This involves transferring their knowledge from one context to another, demonstrating the practical use of their abilities. Using brainwave feedback technology, we help them stay focused and complete tasks efficiently. Specific instructions from the executive function coach guide them on how to transfer their knowledge and skills to new situations, enhancing their overall learning and adaptability.
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We offer FREE educational workshops / Webinars (online and in-person) to develop the skills and increase the knowledge of parents to help them actively support and guide their children with academic and emotional challenges.

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