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Through Tears and Triumphs: A Parent's Journey With A Child With ADHD and Autism
Through Tears and Triumphs: A Parent's Journey With A Child With ADHD and Autism

Thu, 24 Aug



Through Tears and Triumphs: A Parent's Journey With A Child With ADHD and Autism

Join me for a heartfelt journey as a parent, navigating the world of ADHD and autism—where emotions run raw, vulnerability takes center stage, and hope shines through. Together, we'll explore the challenges we faced head-on, embracing the power of neurodiversity to empower our children.

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Date & Time

24 Aug, 18:30 SAST


About the workshop

In this webinar, I will delve into the raw and emotional experiences of parenting children facing various challenges in school. As a parent of two incredible boys—one with autism, both with ADHD—and with a background as a former teacher, I understand firsthand the challenges and uncertainties that can accompany such a journey. I have been on this journey for 16 years.

Whether your child is neurodivergent, facing ADHD, autism, or any other obstacle in their educational journey, this webinar is a safe space for all parents who have felt that gnawing fear—the fear that you may not have the right tools to help your child.

We'll explore the early signs and diagnoses that rocked our world and left us wondering how to move forward. The path wasn't straightforward, as we encountered various therapists, each offering differing advice. I'll share how we navigated this maze of information, learning to trust our instincts as parents and find the support that truly made a difference.

Embracing neurodiversity became a cornerstone of our approach, as we discovered the power of embracing our children's strengths and challenges alike. We created an environment of support and understanding, empowering our children to thrive in their own unique ways.

Throughout the webinar, I'll take you on a journey through the breakthrough moments and milestones that brought tears of joy to our eyes and the moments of doubt and fear that tested our resolve. Despite the trials we faced, we found hope and strength, supporting one another as a family and discovering the beauty of vulnerability.

I'll offer practical strategies that we implemented to nurture their potential and foster resilience. Moreover, I'll share advice for parents on finding hope during difficult times and celebrating every achievement, no matter how small, in their child's development.

This webinar is not just a presentation—it's an invitation to share, connect, and find inspiration within a community of caring parents. Together, we will explore the power of perseverance and the incredible resilience of our children.

So, if you're a parent navigating the challenges your child faces in school, be it related to ADHD, autism, or any other obstacle, or if you know someone on this journey, we welcome you to join us for "Through Tears and Triumphs: A Parent's Journey with ADHD and Autism." 

Let's create a space where we can celebrate our children's unique strengths, learn from one another's experiences, and find hope in the face of challenges.

We look forward to having you with us on this special occasion. 

With empathy and love,


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