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Unlock Your Brain's True Potential For Better Learning Skills

Have you ever wondered why most children tend to procrastinate when it comes to preparing for tests and exams? The intriguing answer lies in the fact that they often struggle to determine where to begin their study journey

Are you struggling to teach your child to become an independent learner? Let us help you unlock their full potential with our expert guidance and proven methods!

Discover the secrets of successful studying with our study method course, designed to help your child master key concepts and supporting them post-course at our Hub to reinforce the skills learned and help them achieve their goals.

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Hello! We are the course developers behind this transformative program  

Determined to make a change and equip students with essential study skills, we embarked on a mission to create a course that would demystify the art of studying. Over the years, we continuously improved and adapted our techniques, ensuring they were accessible and effective for students as young as grade 4.  

Our course has evolved, but our core mission has remained the same: to empower every child, regardless of their background or learning style, with the skills to become independent learners. Because that's what it's all about—learning how to learn.

We've witnessed the same struggles we once faced in today's students and parents. The frustration, the overwhelm, the sense of helplessness. But we're here to change that narrative. We've seen the impact of our course firsthand as we've presented it to groups of eager learners over the years.

And now, we're thrilled to take the next step in our journey. Our course is available online, accessible to students and parents worldwide. We've also have dedicated BIOLINK agents to help spread the knowledge and techniques we've developed. Our goal is simple: to let every child know they can acquire the invaluable skill of becoming an independent learner.

Studying isn't a mystery; it's a step-by-step process, and we've broken it down into an easily understandable framework. We believe that even a 10-year-old can grasp these concepts and apply them effectively. It's all about learning unique skills and putting them together in a way that makes sense to each student.

Karin & Marlize

To parents, we want to convey a vital message: investing in your child's learning journey at an early age is an investment in their future independence. By teaching them these skills now, you're paving the way for them to become self-reliant, confident learners who can tackle any challenge that comes their way.

We're excited about the impact our course has had and will continue to have on young minds. Join us in this journey to empower the next generation of independent learners. Together, we can make a difference, one student at a time.

Not Just Another Study Methods Course

Academic success depends mainly on a learner's ability to apply proper study skills, methods and techniques and then develop these skills into a habit of studying more productively and independently.


Common mistakes PARENTS make

  • Trying to teach your child how YOU studied. Your way might not work for your child. Does this cause conflict between you?

  • BUY summaries or MAKE the summaries for your child. It is very difficult to understand the thought process of the person that made the summary. The child must UNDERSTAND the material's content to make sense of the summaries.

  • Help them study. The parent will help their child by asking questions, definitions etc., and the child must repeat the answer until it's remembered. The problem is that the child learns like a parrot, and remembering the information is very hard. The reason: they don't have a clear understanding of the content.

Common mistakes CHILDREN make

  • Waiting for Mom & Dad to help them learn. 

  • They read the material repeatedly and hope to remember the information - like a parrot.

  • Rewrite material - they make summaries by simply rewriting the material. The problem is that they spend so much time rewriting the content but still need to learn and try to remember.

  • They don't fully grasp certain concepts - again, they try and remember the work like a parrot.

This course is presented in Afrikaans & English 

The Study Method Course and it's services is for you and your child if:

  • You feel stuck as a parent and don't know how to help your child study for tests and exams.

  • If homework and studying always leads to a fight.

  • You and your child are tired of spending the evening just trying to catch up on homework.

  • Your child feels like a failure and starts using words like dumb or stupid.

  • All the hard work does not reflect in your child's school marks. 

  • If the way you studied and made summaries is not working for your child

  • If all the money you spend on buying summaries is of no use.



If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, we want you to know that we understand entirely.

As parents, we understand the daily demands and challenges our children experience in school. Lack of time, homework, reports, assignments, complicated and difficult schoolwork, busy schedules, extramural activities, etc., are all challenges they face daily.

We have been teaching study skills & techniques for the last 11 years, have identified the exact problem areas our children struggle with and developed the solution to help our kids achieve success. Each child is different and should ultimately develop their own learning style for it to become a habit.

What makes Our Study Methods Course Unique?

This study method course aims to teach learners new study methods and techniques to learn more efficiently and retain material for extended periods. The goal is to develop these skills, let them become a habit and ultimately save themselves hours of study time.

"Wouldn't that be great?"

We developed a learning proses with steps where children know exactly where to start and what to do, so they can comprehend the content before making any summaries.

This means:

They can recall information BEFORE writing and making summaries, dramatically reducing study time while retaining the information for longer.


The ability of any learner to study successfully depends to a great extent on their fundamental study skills, i.e. their ability to concentrate, to perceive correctly and accurately, and to remember what has been perceived.


The best way to identify which method works best for your child is to practise all the different methods and see which one works best for your child currently.


As your child goes through school, with more subjects etc., they need to learn how to use both the left & right side of the brain to study different subjects. The brain is wonderful, and these SKILLS can be taught and practiced. 

11 Years Experience.png

As your child enters Grade 4 and beyond, they will increasingly rely on executive function skills like planning, organisation, and analysis. However, many children struggle with these skills because they have not yet fully developed. This can lead to difficulties with homework, study time, and academic performance. That's why our study methods course goes beyond just teaching study skills - we also provide expert guidance on developing executive function skills that will help your child succeed in all areas of their academic life.

Retaining information is crucial for academic success, as exams are designed to test what your child has learned from classroom instruction and self-study. Our course includes a variety of memory and summary techniques to choose from. By practicing these techniques and developing executive function skills, your child will be equipped to stay on top of their homework, manage their study time effectively, and achieve their academic goals. Don't miss out on this essential opportunity - enrol your child in our study methods course today!

The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child in The Study Methods Course

Improved Academic Performance: By equipping students with effective study skills, they will become more independent learners, leading to improved academic performance across subjects.

Enhanced Student Engagement: Students will actively participate in classroom activities, leading to increased engagement and a deeper understanding of the material.

Supportive Learning Environment: Involving parents in the learning process creates a supportive environment at home and strengthens the school-parent partnership.


Development of Essential Life Skills: The program fosters skills such as time management, organisation, and goal-setting, which are crucial for success in academics and beyond.

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