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How Dopamine Influences ADHD and Ways to Improve Motivation
How Dopamine Influences ADHD and Ways to Improve Motivation

Wed, 12 Jun


Online Webinar

How Dopamine Influences ADHD and Ways to Improve Motivation

🌟 Join us for an eye-opening webinar with Gwen Sorley, COO of Play Attention, where we’ll uncover the secrets of dopamine and how it influences ADHD. Discover practical strategies to boost your child’s motivation and focus. Don’t miss out on transforming your approach to managing ADHD! 🧠✨

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Date & Time

12 Jun 2024, 19:00 – 20:00

Online Webinar

About the workshop

📚 Imagine finally understanding why your child struggles with motivation and focus, despite their best efforts. It’s a revelation many parents desperately need. 🤯

🚧 Every day, you face the challenge of helping your child stay motivated and focused. The constant struggle leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. 🧐

🎯 You want your child to succeed academically and feel confident in their abilities. You dream of finding a solution that empowers them to thrive despite their ADHD or other challenges. 🌟

💡 Discovering the role of dopamine in ADHD was our turning point. We realised that understanding dopamine’s influence on motivation and reward could transform our approach to managing ADHD. 🗝️

🔑 In this webinar, Gwen Sorley will share valuable insights into how dopamine levels affect your child's motivation and focus. You’ll learn about the classic dopamine experiment with rats, debunk common misconceptions, and understand the balance between pain and pleasure in dopamine regulation. 📈

🛤️ Gwen will also introduce practical strategies to manage dopamine levels, boost motivation, and enhance productivity. You’ll discover the power of cognitive training with Play Attention, a tool designed to improve executive function and help manage ADHD symptoms effectively. 🚀

🌈 By joining this webinar, you'll gain actionable steps to develop self-regulation skills, create a personal plan for harnessing dopamine, and hear real-life success stories. This knowledge will empower you to support your child in becoming more motivated and focused. Let’s give our kids the tools they need to thrive! 🌟✨

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