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Karin Visser 

BA. Ed ( Teacher) 

Marlize Robberts

B.Soc.Sc ( Nursing) 


Biolink Brain Training provide specialised skill development programmes for children dealing with ADHD and other learning challenges. The organisation firmly believes that every child, irrespective of whether they have ADHD or are neurotypical, possesses the potential to attain success and independence when provided with the appropriate support and skill development. It is considered crucial for these children to nurture self-belief in their abilities.


The organisation's comprehensive scientific programme places a primary focus on enhancing cognitive and executive function skills, encompassing critical aspects such as planning, organisation, critical thinking, attention, impulsivity, and memory. What sets their approach apart is their utilisation of cutting-edge neuroscience technology, which goes beyond symptom management to address the underlying causes of these challenges.


The journey of Biolink Brain Training began when Karin's eldest son received a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism during grade 1. As an educator, Karin recognised that his concentration difficulties were just one facet of his broader challenges. Her husband, a chemistry professor, embarked on extensive research to identify evidence-based and lasting alternative treatments. This quest led them to the Play Attention programme, which had a profound impact on their son's development.


In 2008, the organisation established its first Biolink Brain Training Centre in Karin's garage. Over time, they have curated a distinctive programme that leverages technology not only to enhance cognitive and executive function skills but also to bolster active listening abilities and the application of newly acquired skills in everyday scenarios. Presently, Biolink Brain Training has expanded its presence internationally, with centres in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Canada, and the United States. The team comprises Marlize, a Registered Nurse who joined the organisation in 2012, and Karin, a qualified High School Teacher.


In 2012, Biolink Brain Training introduced a unique study method programme tailored for children aged 9 to 15 years, aimed at facilitating their learning in a manner that resonates with them. This programme incorporates a structured learning sequence encompassing skills like active listening and note-taking, which begins in the classroom and offers clear steps for application when children return home to review and retain the day's lessons. The organisation equips children with the tools they need to master executive function skills and effective study techniques. They firmly believe that parental and teacher involvement plays an integral role in a child's development. Therefore, they emphasise ensuring that children understand the purpose of their participation in the programme, recognising that their engagement is vital for cooperation and motivation.


In 2017, Marlize and Karin were honoured to receive the BEFA award for Best Female Entrepreneur. During the same year's American Psychological Association Conference in Washington DC, they unveiled their FOCUS Continuous Performance Test, which is now available in multiple languages and used globally.


The organisation's mission is to continue providing support, instilling hope, offering answers, and delivering solutions to children and parents, regardless of the challenges they face. Their vision extends to establishing centres in cities and small towns worldwide, with the aim of assisting more parents, teachers, and children in overcoming the obstacles hindering children's path to becoming independent and successful individuals.

If you have the passion and drive to make a difference, you can become part of the team.

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