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I always received feedback from school that my son is rushing through his work and that he has the ability to do better.

He enjoyed every moment of his sessions at Biolink, and when I just mentioned “Biolink” during homework sessions, he would slow down and focus more on his work.

He is achieving better marks in his schoolwork and knows how to focus and slow down at school and during homework sessions. I would also like to thank you for the change in his behaviour that has also occurred in his everyday life.”


Candice Wilson, my dear have been such a blessing. You came into our lives when we were also going through a similar experience where we were at our wit's end.

The Biolink Attention Training programme has made a huge difference and is evident in our son's academic progress.I cannot recommend it enough. You coached our son with such love and attention, and we will be eternally grateful.

May Biolink Attention Training grow from strength to strength.I would also like to encourage parents to try this life-changing alternative.

You will not regret it.



Raymond started with the program in 2015 and ended in 2018. While completing your program, he was doing much better in his schoolwork, and his concentration went from zero to “hero”. He just turned 21 and, so far, made a good life for himself. He recently received his pilot’s license and is busy with his drone and land survey course.

Thanks for your hard work, Elsie.



I can wholeheartedly recommend Biolink to any child. Rianza started Biolink last year. There was a big difference in Rianza after only 6 sessions. She was always withdrawn and on her own and didn't really talk to us as a family and today she talks so much that we are amazed. She would never wipe her own nose first or carry out an assignment. I sometimes had to ask her something up to 20 times, now she reacts the first time. Biolink has changed my child's life. I feel that this can help any child.

Desere is always positive and makes life just so much better.

Thank you Desere from the bottom of my heart for all your effort,

 love, and care, and that you are always positive about Rianza.



I approached Jennie in 2019 as my 8-year-old daughter was battling to concentrate, filter out distractions and complete her work in her Grade 2 year. My daughter then started the Biolink program, and after a while, I started noticing changes, such as she was able to sit and complete homework in a reasonable amount of time and me not having to consistently nag her to please get it done. Her teachers also noticed changes in class, and even now, after completing the Biolink program, she is able to continue filtering out noise and distractions and complete her work on time.

Jennie is a wonderfully kind person who cares deeply about her kids at Biolink, wanting them to all achieve their full potential. My younger daughter also joined the program and can now focus completely in class, making a massive difference at school and at home.

If your child is struggling at school/home with concentration, completing tasks, filtering distractions, impulsivity etc., do yourself a favour and book a FOCUS assessment with Jennie, where she will be able to tell you where your child is at and guide you on how the Biolink program can help you.



My son, Chad, had been battling at school with concentration and task completion at school for some time. We were in the process of getting his ADHD diagnosis when we came across the Biolink program and decided to give it a try. We are so glad we made the decision to send Chad. He has loved his time with Biolink and adores Jennie and he is so sad that his sessions have come to an end. The program is amazing and has done wonders for Chad! We have noticed a huge improvement in his concentration and task completion.

We highly recommend Biolink!



Being part of Biolink has been an experience that has been special to me. Jenni has been the most helpful and kind person, always trying to get the best out of the kids with her encouragement and don’t give up attitude.

I learned about Biolink from a friend, Jenni has also helped so much.

Keegan struggled with filtering out noise which used to really cause him issues where he would cry because he just couldn’t work at school and was sensitive to everything. Wow, a year later, he is smiling, loving school and has learnt to filter out distracting noise and be more aware of himself without it bothering him. 

Thank you, Biolink!



We first heard of Biolink through friends of ours who were also sending their son for sessions. We sent Zach to Biolink to help improve his focus and concentration, which has improved so phenomenally since he has been attending his Biolink sessions. He loves the sessions and the time spent with Jennie. The sessions are both educational and fun and therefore appeal to Zach. Jennie has been the most encouraging and helpful person throughout this process. We will miss our sessions at Biolink and Jennies chats and encouraging words. I would highly recommend Biolink.



My son is 9 years old, a December baby. When he was 6 he was diagnosed with ADHD, he was struggling in mainstream school and concentration was a problem, even on medication. Last year he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asperger's/HFASD ).

We removed him from mainstream school and started with a homeschooling centre. I did some research as I was concerned about him working more independently as his concentration was problematic. He started with Biolink in December 2021 and we have seen a major improvement in his concentration.  When he started at Poimen he was still struggling to concentrate but the more sessions he has done the better his concentration has become.  I have got reports from Heidi about how well he is doing and how he is working independently.

Biolink has made a HUGE difference in his and our life. Carmen and Anika are incredibly professional and helpful.



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Find out more about Biolink

My son, 9 years Gr. 3's journey began in February 2022 with Madelein Harris, agent for Durbanville area. Like many moms, I reached a point of discouragement, with weekly calls from my child's class teacher complaining about his impulsive behaviour.

Now, my son is academically strong. The problem started with impulsive behaviour leading to aggressive behaviour - I know the signs I am a teacher myself. But I was discouraged and started looking for solutions to how I could help my child.

I grab my phone and start searching. Here I see Biolink and begin doing research like any other discouraged and desperate mom.

I contacted Madelein, made an appointment, and our journey started. My child's behaviour improved his academics even more. My child scored just 7's in term two with the most beautiful comments from his teacher. I can testify that since he started with Biolink, he has been thinking through the consequences of his impulsivity and adjusted his behaviour accordingly. Yes, sometimes we still experience challenges (which I suspect we will have for a long time because he remains a boy), but we still have a long way to go with Biolink because it's no "quick fix" but rather a journey that will guarantee that the results will be lasting.

Thank you, Madelein, for your patience and assistance to me as a mom and my child. It is invaluable that Biolink does and means to us.



Cailyn joined Biolink under the supervision of Jennie Soden at the beginning of Grade 5.

Her school informed us that she was anxious and, as a result, lacked confidence. It was suggested that we consider Cailyn having concessions and someone to scribe.

We heard of other parents' experiences with Biolink and the positive outcomes they have had and, after careful consideration, decided to enrol her with Biolink.

Cailyn has thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with Jennie, full of fun activities and storytelling. Biolink has given Cailyn self-confidence and the tools to concentrate and study independently.

After 18 months, we are proud of Cailyn's constant improvements and achievements at school, culminating in her 3rd in her class with no concessions or scribe assistance. Jennie has been so

encouraging with Cailyn and wish to thank Jennie and

the Biolink team for all their support!






In 2020, my husband had two separate strokes which affected his brain. He had memory lapses, confusion and also cognitive hearing problems. While getting his diagnosis and going through additional testing, I spoke with Brenda  about his condition. 

She said to me: "You know, that is what I do. I treat cognitive difficulties in individuals."

I asked her more and we agreed Jim would be tested. After testing, Jim started his Biolink sessions with Brenda twice weekly. After 4 weeks I started noticing some positive improvements in how Jim related and communicated to me and those around us. After around 8 weeks I noticed even more improvements.  Within three months of starting the brain therapy, Jim was talking about returning to work.

He was able to return to his previous employer and has been able to perform very well. He has indicated he feels great and that his ability to function in his job, which requires extensive technical knowledge, is returning to normal. He is happy to be working!

Jim still has some isolated memory issues, and he still has his Biolink sessions twice weekly. He has moved to an advanced category within the  program which is challenging his brain function even further. We are confident he will continue to improve in his brain health and are so grateful for Brenda's diligence in working with Jim to improve his quality of life. She is an amazing person and therapist and we wholeheartedly recommend her work to families who need help with cognitive,  brain, and learning difficulties.

I'd  like to take a moment to say thank you for your help with my cognitive and memory health. When I heard that you provided  training for these type of brain issues, I thought it was great.

When I learned that a lot of your work is also helping children, I thought I'm still just a kid inside, so why not try it! I've now had over 50 sessions and I've noticed memories and thoughts coming back much more quickly than I expected.

I am also happy to see the test results that show the improvement to my brain functions. I want you to know that I recommend your training to help anyone who needs this type of brain and cognitive training.

I hope you achieve all of your goals and thank you, again!


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