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Neurocognitive & Executive Function Skills
Development Program

Biolink Brain Training is the license holder and exclusive distributor of PLAY ATTENTION Technology in Africa. Play Attention is the only program that integrates Advanced NASA-inspired feedback-based technology with Cognitive skills training and behaviour shaping.


Explaining the Body Wave Armband (EEG)

Play Attention has been the pioneer in Neurocognitive Training since the 90s
It is not only
WHAT we teach but also HOW we teach

We provide the SOLUTION to help children

that has CHALLENGES at school



Attention, Processing Speed, Discriminatory processing, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Spatial Memory, Short Term Memory, Working Memory, Hand-eye coordination... WHY is this important?

These skills lay the foundation for strong Executive Function.  Executive Function is essential for learning and for success later in life.

There are 3 Catalysts required for the brain to change
Sheer Genius.png


Through the continuous practice of the various Neurocognitive Exercises, the brain creates new neuro-pathways and therefore sparks brain change. 

All 3 Catalysts are incorporated into our unique program.

Active Engamenent


Deliberate Practise



Our Neuromonitor (EEG) forces the brain to actively engage during every neurocognitive exercise. This means the exercises bring out the student’s optimum state of attention during the learning process and help them stay focused on the task at hand.

The brain needs to be challenged long enough with exercises that are not too difficult. Each student is challenged through Sheer Genius ™, the artificial intelligence in our program. Sheer Genius™ sets and prioritizes achievable goals for each session to help increase the performance of students every step of the way.

Deliberate practice is when mini-goals are put into place, and the feedback is immediate. Our AI Sheer Genius will customize each exercise for you so that you not just do endless repetition. Each game provides challenges with specific  personal goals and immediate feedback to facilitate deliberate practice. Our AI continually measures your performance, sets goal and gives immediate feedback to make certain that you are just challenged enough to spark brain change. During a game, if you struggle to meet your personal Play Attention challenges, our auto adjust algorithm will move you to your previous successful state, but will challenge you later in the game. This ensure success with not failure.

Play Attention is a member of the Space Foundation and has Space Certification for Education Products.

The Space Foundation is a global nonprofit advocate for the advancement of space-related endeavours to inspire, educate, connect and advocate for the global space community. It develops objective space awareness for government, industry, and the public and is a recognized leader in educational programs that bring space into the classroom and major industry events. 

While many companies claim to be NASA inspired, Play Attention actually has a nexus to NASA and has been featured twice in NASA Spinoff magazine

Play Attention's founder, Peter Freer, spoke at the National Space Society in Washington, DC, at NASA's request.

Body Wave Armband EEG
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