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Unlock Your Brain's True Potential For Better Learning Skills

The program is designed to empower students with essential study skills, techniques and strategies for academic success.

The program consist of two parts:
Enrolling in a Study Methods Course and  Post-course support at the Hub

Are you struggling to teach your child to become an independent learner? Let us help you unlock their full potential with our expert guidance and proven methods!

Discover the secrets of successful studying with our study method course, designed to help your child master key concepts and supporting them post-course at our Hub to reinforce the skills learned and help them achieve their goals.

Read what parents had to say

Who are We?

We strive to raise our children to believe they can achieve anything and be who they want to be. That success is measured not only by your grades, qualifications or job title but also by who you are as a person and what you have achieved with the opportunities provided—being happy and content with your life and making a difference in other people's lives.

However, we grew up with different beliefs. We grew up believing that good grades were the only thing that mattered. I would argue that we were bright students who studied hard but never achieved 'top' grades. We learned exactly how children do it today, and our parents helped us exactly how parents do these days but without buying summaries. LOL

Because our grades were between 50% - 65%, we believed we were dumb, stupid, and slow, and our self-esteem plummeted. Only years later did we realise that we didn't know how to study and, secondly, did not have the skill to plan, organise and prioritise. The way our parents tried to help us was not what would have worked for us. Amazingly today, it is still the same reason children struggle.

Karin & Marlize

FYI we are also the owners of Biolink Brain Training. We have branches across South Africa. At our centres, we teach and develop cognitive and executive function skills for students, and these skills form the foundation of learning. 

Not Just Another Study Methods Course

Academic success depends mainly on a learner's ability to apply proper study skills, methods and techniques and then develop these skills into a habit of studying more productively and independently.


Common mistakes PARENTS make

  • Trying to teach your child how YOU studied. Your way might not work for your child. Does this cause conflict between you?

  • BUY summaries or MAKE the summaries for your child. It is very difficult to understand the thought process of the person that made the summary. The child must UNDERSTAND the material's content to make sense of the summaries.

  • Help them study. The parent will help their child by asking questions, definitions etc., and the child must repeat the answer until it's remembered. The problem is that the child learns like a parrot, and remembering the information is very hard. The reason: they don't have a clear understanding of the content.

Common mistakes CHILDREN make

  • Waiting for Mom & Dad to help them learn. 

  • They read the material repeatedly and hope to remember the information - like a parrot.

  • Rewrite material - they make summaries by simply rewriting the material. The problem is that they spend so much time rewriting the content but still need to learn and try to remember.

  • They don't fully grasp certain concepts - again, they try and remember the work like a parrot.

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, we want you to know that we understand entirely.

As parents, we understand the daily demands and challenges our children experience in school. Lack of time, homework, reports, assignments, complicated and difficult schoolwork, busy schedules, extramural activities, etc., are all challenges they face daily.

We have been teaching study skills & techniques for the last 11 years, have identified the exact problem areas our children struggle with and developed the solution to help our kids achieve success. Each child is different and should ultimately develop their own learning style for it to become a habit.