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Every child, whether they have ADHD or are neurotypical, should know that they have the potential to achieve success and independence when they receive the appropriate support and skills development. It's important for them to believe in themselves and their abilities

Scientific FOCUS CPT Assessment

No more guessing if your child can pay attention

We utilise a Scientific Computerised Performance Assessment to measure your child's attentional control and identify areas for improvement.


Learn Easier

Think Faster

Pay Better Attention

Regulate Their Emotion

Finish Tasks

Control Their Impulses

Has better memory

Can Plan, prioritise and execute tasks              


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Included in the program

Where the cognitive skills are the roots of the tree, the executive function skills (also known as the mental processes), the branches, and the output; the leaves. Without the proper foundation or roots, the branches will not grow, and the leaves will definitely not sprout.

Our Brain Training program is unique in managing ADHD symptoms in children.



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comprehensive program

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4 Step Process to take the STING out of all your worries


Contact an Agent and book a FOCUS Assesment

No more shot in the dark!

If your child struggles with any attention or behaviour problems, a FOCUS assessment is a place to start.

The FOCUS CPT (Continuous Performance Test) was developed jointly by Afriforte, leaders in statistics, psychometrics and tool development and by Biolink Brain Training.

We use the assessment to measure the child's skills level on the four aspects of attentional control. The results are then used to customise a skills development program 100% for the child.


Take the Assessment

The FOCUS CPT (Computerized Performance Test takes only 20 minutes to complete.


Not invasive or anything to be scared about. Some even enjoy it.

Not language dependant

100% Objective 


Report Discussion

We care about you and your child.

During this 1 hour discussion, we are there to listen to your concerns and discuss the results of the report and the behavioural assessment chart that is completed by the person observing while the assessment is taken.


A True AHA Moment

Get a Solution



The program is 100% customised for each individual. We do not believe in one size fits all because we are all unique.

The agency owner will discuss the enrollment process with you.


No matter the skill level a child is at, Artificial Intelligence(Sheer Genius) will challenge the child to develop and enhance Cognitive and Executive Function skills while always being successful.

We fully understand that you are stressed.
But Don't Worry, We will give you continuous support. 

Let's hear what some of our Centre Owners say

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